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Want more leads for your business?  What to increase your online sales?  Our social media management can help with just that.

With proven ad copy, targeted audiences, and retargeting strategies, we’ll get your business in front of the right people.

With a custom social media marketing service plan, your business can start building brand awareness, as well as generating from platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, and more.

Whats Included

Social Media Marketing Serivces

Target Your Core Audience

We choose from multiple filters to target your exact audience. From age to location, to social habits – we can narrow and target your exact audience based on multiple behavior or income factors.

Drive Leads To Your Business

Social media is a great outlet to build more awareness while targeting your ads to a core audience. With the right ad copy, targeting, and placement structure, social media ads can be a really good strategy to deliver good leads.

Get People To Notice You

Your business has a lot to offer, but more people should know about it – time to put it on social media for the world to see. Social media ads like Facebook & Instagram can raise a lot of awareness by staying in front of your audience.

Our Process

Learn about our personalized process to better understand how we structure a campaign before going live.

Choosing a Facebook Advertising Objective

Awareness, Considerations, or Conversions. Depending on your goals, selecting which objective is important. If you want to brand your company, selecting an awareness campaign is going to be the best suited, if you want more leads from your ads, conversions will help achieve this goal.

Select Ad Budget

The next step is deciding how much you’re willing to spend on your campaign. Here, you’ll the option to choose between a daily budget and a lifetime budget. If we choose the daily budget, we enter the maximum amount you’re willing to spend over the duration of your campaign.

Choose A Target Audience

Once you’ve established your overall objective, your next job is to consider your audience. This is where Facebook really shines. For each campaign, you’ll be prompted to target a specific audience. We choose between a core audience, a custom audience, or a lookalike audience.


By regularly analyzing these factors and metrics, advertisers can gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of their Facebook ad campaigns, optimize their strategies for better results, and make data-driven decisions to achieve their advertising goals.

Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions


    Facebook ad budget depends on how much exposure you want.  The more ad budget you invest, the more your ads get seen and distributed.  Depending on your audience and how many people fall within the guidelines, you might only be able to spend $20-$30 per day. If you are a national brand or e-commerce, of course your reach will be much greater, and therefore you can spend much more daily.


    The length of time that you choose for your ads should depend on the ask. If you’re trying to get people to complete an advocacy action that is time-sensitive or donate during a specific time of year, then it’s pretty obvious that you should limit your ad window to the days that your message is relevant. If you’re using Facebook Ads to try and generate awareness or get people to join your email list, then you have more flexibility. For these types of goals, we typically suggest a 6 to 8 week window for a single ad campaign.


    Successful Facebook ads need to be eye-catching and clearly branded, but simplicity is also important. We design the ads for our clients but always encourage them to send any content they have that we will use, like videos, pictures, and anything else to make the ads perform best.


    We track the ads very closely, in fact, we monitor them daily. Facebook’s ad dashboard allows us to view all traffic and important metrics to make sure the campaign is a success. That also allows us to adjust and optimize the ads accordingly to reach peak performance.

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